To Deal or NOT To Deal

To Deal or NOT To Deal 1.3

Open the boxes to win a million


  • A simple game


  • Not got the excitement of the TV show

Not bad

If you're acquainted with the popular television show Deal or No Deal then you'll notice that this game is exactly the same. Which is either a good thing if you like the TV programme or a bad thing if you don't.

Personally I always wondered why they didn't just open the boxes in ten minutes and show a film or something.

The premise is simple: Open boxes and try to leave yourself with a final box of one million pounds.

However, along the way the banker offers you money to buy your box, which you can accept as a deal or decline as a no deal. Potentially you can sell a 50p box for hundreds and thousands or reject big money offers and be left with nothing.

This version on the palm is very basic and without the tension that music, adverts and clever producers create on the small screen it just doesn't feel exciting.

Eliminate cases on your way to winning $1 Million! The banker will try to buy you out, but the strong-willed will prevail. But be careful, your greed can work against you!

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To Deal or NOT To Deal


To Deal or NOT To Deal 1.3

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